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Research Spin-off

Mikrotools Pte Ltd (Director)

While interacting with the industries he observed that the products are getting smaller and new machining processes are required to fabricate them. He rightly thought that compound micromachining processes that combine multiple conventional and non-conventional micromachining processes have the capability to fabricate high-aspect ratio microstructures with paramount dimensional accuracy. In order to achieve effective implementation of compound micromachining techniques, Prof. Rahman and his team developed a machine which capable of performing both conventional micromachining including micro turning, micro milling, etc., and non-conventional micromachining including micro electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM), wire-cut electrical discharge machining (WEDM), etc. and also can perform on-machine measurement and inspection in a single setup. This machine enables successful fabrication of micro structures that are able to meet the miniaturization demands of the industry.

The invented technology is patented and licensed to NUS spin-off company named “Mikrotools Pte Ltd.” which specializes in the manufacture of ultra precision machine tools.  He actively perused the technology to next  level by developing innovative hybrid process for the manufacture of very small holes of high aspect ratio on difficult to machine materials.Currently, he is the director of  Mikrotools Pte Ltd (


Other Companies

  •  Shimanto Engineering Pte Ltd.( Director)
    A company that focuses on the design and development of off-shore marine products.
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