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Courses taught at National University of Singapore (NUS)


ME6604 Modelling of Machining Processes
The main objective of this module is to teach the students how to model machining processes. The major topics include an overview of major machining processes and their characteristic factors, modelling of chip formation in metal cutting, modelling of machining characteristics in turning, modelling of machining characteristics in milling, modeling of machining characteristics in drilling, and modelling of work piece material flow stress properties in machining. The target students include Ph.D. students and higher levels of M.Sc., M.Eng. students in the areas of materials and manufacturing.


ME 4283 Micro-fabrication Process

This module enables students to learn the micromachining of both Silicon and non-Silicon materials. The major topics include the basic micro-fabrication as well as the micromachining processes for Microsystems.

Some of the processes to be covered

  • Bulk Process;
  • Surface Processes;
  • Sacrificial Processes and Bonding Processes;
  • Micromachining based on the conventional machining processes;
  • Micromachining based on nonconventional machining processes;
  • Special machining;


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