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Guide for Micro and Nano Machining-Advanced Machining Technologies

Most significant contribution of Prof M Rahman’s in the areas of micro and nano machining is reflected through the book “Advanced Machining Processes” (Volume 11 of Comprehensive Materials Processing) of which has been compiled by him and published by Elsevier. It is most likely the first book on fundamentals of micro/nano machining. It is composed of his significant breakthrough innovations in manufacturing mostly through his PhD supervision projects. He has also added few chapters from other renowned professors working in related areas.

Comprehensive Materials Processing

indexComprehensive Materials Processing


  • Saleem Hashmi, Dublin City University, Ireland

Volume 11: Advanced Machining Technologies

  • Volume Editor: Professor Mustafizur Rahman, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Table of Contents

11.01 – Introduction to Advanced Machining Technologies
Pages 1-13, M. Rahman, A.B.M.A. Asad, Y.S. Wong
11.02 – Machine Tools for Micro- and Nanometer Scale Processing
Pages 15-26, H. Shinno
11.03 – Continuum Micromechanics and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Pages 27-59, X. Li
11.04 – Fast and Fine Tool Servo for Ultraprecision Machining
Pages 61-88, A. Senthil Kumar, M.R. Aravind Raghavendra, W.K. Neo, M. Rahman
11.05 – Compound and Hybrid Micromachining Processes
Pages 89-112, M. Rahman, A.B.M.A. Asad, Y.S. Wong, M.P. Jahan, T. Masaki
11.06 – Compound and Hybrid Micromachining: Part II – Hybrid Micro-EDM and Micro-ECM
Pages 113-150, M. Rahman, Y.S. Wong, M.D. Nguyen
11.07 – Micromilling
Pages 151-177, T. Matsumura
11.08 – Fundamentals and Modeling of Micro-End Milling Operation
Pages 179-199, M. Arif, M. Rahman
11.09 – Diamond Turning
Pages 201-220, X.Q. Zhang, K.S. Woon, M. Rahman
11.10 – High-Speed Machining
Pages 221-253, Z. Wang, M. Rahman
11.11 – Machining with Least Quantity Lubrication
Pages 255-281, T. Obikawa
11.12 – Burr Formation in Machining Processes: A Review
Pages 283-295, I.A. Choudhury, S.A. Lawal
11.13 – Heat-Assisted Machining
Pages 297-331, A.K.M. Nurul Amin, T.L. Ginta
11.14 – Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining (Micro-EDM): Processes, Varieties, and Applications
Pages 333-371, M.P. Jahan, M. Rahman, Y.S. Wong

11.15 – Electrochemical Micromachining
Pages 373-403, S.S. Joshi, D. Marla
11.16 – Ultrasonic Vibration Diamond Cutting and Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration Cutting
Pages 405-454, E. Shamoto, N. Suzuki
11.17 – Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting: Part II: Ductile Cutting and Analytical Force Models for the Elliptical Vibration Cutting Process
Pages 455-481, C. Nath, X. Zhang, A. Senthil Kumar, M. Rahman
11.18 – Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) Grinding for Nano-Surface Generation
Pages 483-522, T. Saleh, M. Rahman
11.19 – Microelectrochemical Deposition
Pages 523-545, M.A. Habib

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